Understanding the Opioid Overdose Epidemic

Drug overdose has become a rising issue in the present era. It is not only overwhelming but also alarming. With each passing day, new cases emerge. Every day hundreds suffer due to drug overdose. Sadly, the issue doesn’t seem to end. The overdose epidemic in Charleston, SC, is unimaginable. From teenagers to adults, different age groups are developing an opioid addiction. Due to the pandemic, the demand and supply of drugs have increased massively. Opioids, heroin, and other harmful substances have started to circulate within the streets of Charleston.

Since 2000, the death rate due to drug overdose has increased by 200 percent. Heroin, pain relievers, and opioids are misused. Excessive use of these drugs directly affects your organs; thus making it a health crisis in multiple states. The fatality rate is in the thousands, and the significant reason is the excessive use of harmful drugs.

Factors Contributing to the Overdose Epidemic

Several factors contribute to the overdose epidemic in Charleston, SC, and across the country including:


One of the prime reasons behind the drug overdose epidemic is Fentanyl. You can find injections and pills of the product. It is a synthetic opioid causing hundreds of deaths every day. Fentanyl is used as a pain killer, but many individuals misuse the medicine. Illegal manufacturing and sale of the drug create problems for society. A person using the drug for long durations has lower resistance.
Consumption of fentanyl leads to unwanted addictions. Amongst all drugs, it is the most dangerous one. People use Fentanyl with heroin making it life-threatening. It is much more powerful than morphine and other sedatives.


Gender plays a significant role in the overdose epidemic. According to statistical data, more men experience drug overdose issues. Even though women deal with chronic pains, but still a greater percentage of men use drugs.

Dual Diagnosis

Usually, mental health is closely related to substance abuse. Depression and anxiety are serious mental problems. Most people receive treatment and use anti-depressants. However, using such pills for long durations is harmful. Several individuals opt for self-medication by using illegally supplied drugs and alcohol. In most cases, people with depression are addicted to drugs as well. Therefore, treatment for both issues is required.

Race and Ethnicity

Race and ethnicity contribute to the overdose epidemic. A large number of people experience color and cast discrimination every day. They are deprived of many basic rights, and this often leads to stress, depression, or lack of confidence. With such conditions, the only way out for them is the use of drugs. Black and Latin people mostly face this issue.

How to Tackle the Problem

The overdose epidemic is a real issue in the present time, but it can be tackled.

Providing Naloxone

Naloxone works as an effective solution for opioid addictions and can reverse the effects of drugs. Moreover, it helps addicts fight against breathing problems. You can use the medicine through injections or spray. Increased use of naloxone prevents unwanted deaths.

Realizing and Analyzing the Root Problem

To fight a problem, you need to eliminate the root cause of the issue. The overdose epidemic occurs due to the illegal supply and manufacture of drugs. Nowadays many parties supply opioids illegally. Socially frustrated people take advantage of this option and start buying excessive drugs. An illicit supply of drugs ruins the lives of hundreds of people. To solve the issue, authorities need to focus on cutting off the supply of drugs.

Disposing of Needles and Syringes

Along with misuse of drugs, sharing used needles is a reason behind deaths. People use infected needles, which cause HIV, AIDS, and other diseases. Make sure you dispose of needles after use.

Many states have introduced efficient systems such as syringe exchange programs. Good programs offer help to people who want to get rid of addictions.

Offering Treatment

One of the most effective ways to battle the overdose epidemic is by offering treatment to addicts. Medically assisted treatments, like Suboxone, Sublocade, and Subutex help addicts in the detoxification process. Some experts use behavioral therapy to motivate an addict upon leaving harmful addictions.

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The overdose epidemic in Charleston, SC, can be tackled with the help of experts. If you or someone near you suffers from harmful addictions, contact our professionals. Our talented caregivers create detailed treatment plans for affected citizens. Moreover, they provide emotional support to depressed individuals. You only need to take the first step toward us, and the team at Charleston Suboxone Clinic handles everything for you. The sooner you reach us, the quicker the recovery will be.

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